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Others Herbal – List of Others Herbs and Medicine. Many herbs can become effective medicine for health care and sickness. Herbal can use as dry herbal, herbal essential oil and herbal powder to perform medication.

Let’s recognize culinary herbs and usability

Let’s recognize culinary herbs and usability

The uniqueness of taste and smell make it often used in cooking various nations. He also has various properties in perubatan and beauty, and used as a durable material also semulajadi and kraftangan materials.

That is the privilege of spices and herbs hundred. In fact, our country (especially Malacca) has become the center of the spice trade in this foreign country when the first one.

Where a single herbs, spices which one?

Herbs usually come than the leaves, when the herb-hundred came than grains, fruits, bark or roots. Sometimes the herbs and spices can also come than the same subject. Example coriander. Fresh coriander leaves are herbs used in cooking tomyam, coriander powder than when the seeds are the main ingredient in curry spices.

Fresh or dried? : While he kept the right, both herbaceous and fresh or dried herbs contain a variety of properties including phytochemicals.

Keeping qualities : It is important to save hundred herbs and spices in the right way to perpetuate properties and taste. Dried herbs may be wrapped in paper towel and add to the former or plastic Beg before inserted into the chest ais. You also get to keep the spice in the former closed airtight cooler outside the box, but make sure the place is dark and dim. He may hold that six months. Do not put it on the edge of the kitchen will influence the heat kerana qualities and taste.

If you want to buy spices powder, do not buy in a quantity that many will quickly kerana berkurangan freshness. For example, black pepper powder, bought in a small quantity and the proportion buying black pepper if you want to dikisar not save them in a long time.

What made it so valuable?
Studies have found that herbs and spices contain many hundreds of anti-oxidants, which help the human body against free radicals that can cause illness. He also contain phytochemicals such as curcumin (the turmeric), capsaicin (chilli), allicin (garlic) and gingerol (ginger), and also various vitamins, including vitamin C.

Curry spices are said to be able to make your minda youth. He is also good to prevent this kanser and also perhaps one of the contributors to the lack of valid kanser disease among the Indian community in India.

He also helped to add other food functions if added to the dish in a phenomenon called ‘synergy of food’. “For this, more serviceable to enjoy the real benefits of cooking rather than taking supplements or food supplements.

Aside from the food, spices and herbs were also used in beauty treatments and Kesihatan. Between commonly used is lemon grass, pandan, and Black Seed manjakani used in treatments such as bathing herbs for example. He is not sahaja body perfume, instead saying the toxic able to remove the body.

The nature of anti-mikrobnya according semulajadi and preservatives used widely used cool boxes dikala absence in ancient times. Hundred and spices like turmeric herbs, ginger, cinnamon, are also widely used in traditional perubatan various nations. Involving Pengubatan spirits joined using herbs and spices like black pepper and garlic that is read with particular readings.

In Food : Between function-hundred and spices in cooking herbs are added perisa and kelazatan without adding more calories, fat, sugar, sodium or salt in cooking. The aroma is not of our making sahaja enjoy keenakannya impatient, in fact he also remove the unpleasant smell like the smell of cooking meat Hamis, and also hanyir fish. Spice hundred and herbs in cooking dishes are also made more visible menyelerakan with color and shape of various.

To perpetuate herbaceous flavor and color, put it at the end of cooking. But if you want to taste the ‘entry’ into the cooking, cooking tambahkannya early. You also may mangle herbs or tapped for a stronger taste.
Most spices like curry or soup spices, savory pan-fried so crisp before adding water or coconut milk does not seem so rempahnya ‘raw’.

10 Ways to Enjoy the Herb and Spice in Food
1. You may make one of the curry spice ingredients perapan chicken or fish stir-fried or baked saffron substitute.
2. Dessert like flan or bread pudding may diperisakan with cinnamon bark powder or nutmeg powder.
3. Add fresh herbs such as kesum leaf, lemongrass and chili hirisan into your kerabu or salad.
4. Add herbs such as pudina leaves into your tea is still warm or your favorite fruit juice.
5. Boiled hirisan or lemongrass or ginger pieces with water. Sejukkan and add a little sweetener like honey or sugar. He is refreshing.
6. Brush butter mixed with crushed garlic and chopped herbs to parsli and grilled bread for garlic bread lazat.
7. Saute spices with chilli four companions who used to spicy dishes spicy sour.
8. Mayang subtle lime leaves and lemon over fish hiaskannya cook your favorite chili.
9. Add oregano herbs into your pasta sauce.
10. Enter nutmeg or cloves with epal stew and eat with plates of milk or make it the core of a burned pastry.

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Hairyvein Agrimonia

Hairyvein Agrimonia

Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb is the dried aerial part of Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb.(Fam. Rosaceae).

Action: To arrest bleeding, to stop malaria attacks, to relieve dysentery, and to counteract toxicity.

Indications: Hemoptysis, bematemesis, abnormal uterine bleeding; malaria; dysentery with bloody stools; overstrain; boils and sores; pudental itching with excessive leukorrhea.

Usage:Appropriate quantity for external use.

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Christina Loosestrife

Christina Loosestrife

Christina Loosestrife is the dried herb of Lysimachia christinae Hance (Fam. Primulaceae).

Action: To remove damp-heat, relieve dysuria, and to promote subsidence of swelling.

Indications: Acute urinary infection or urolithiasis with difficult painful urination; jaundice with dark urine, hepatic or biliary calculus; carbuncles, sores, venomous snake bite.

Usage: of the dried herb or of the fresh herb.

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Songaria Cynomorium

Songaria Cynomorium

Songaria Cynomorium Herb is the dried fleshy stem of Cynomorium songaricum Rupr. (Fam. Cynomoiaceae).

Action: To reinforce the kidney yang, to replenish vital essence and blood, and to relax bowels.

Indications: Aching and weakness of the loins and knees, impotence, spermatorrhea, constipation.

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Amur Corktree Bark Extract

Amur Corktree Bark Extract

English Name: Cortex Phellodendri Extract
Amur Corktree Bark Extract
Latin name: Phellodendron amurense Rupr.
Part used: bark
Amur Corktree Bark Extract
Latin name: Phellodendron amurense Rupr.
Part used: bark
Appearance: yellow or yellow brown powder
Test Method: UV
molecular formula : C20H18ClNO4•2H2O
molecular weight: 371.81
Storage Situation: Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light / heat.
Shelf Life: Two years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.
Action: To remove damp-heat, quench fire, counteract toxicity, and relieve consumptive fever.
Cortex Phellodendri (processed with salt): To nourish yin and reduce fire.
Indications: Dysentery, jaunice and morbid leukorrhea caused by damp-heat; urinary infection; weakness and edema of legs; consumptive fever and night sweating; seminal emission; sores and skin infection with local redness and swelling; eczema with itching.
Cortex Phellodendri (processed with salt): Night sweating and consumptive fever due to exuberant fire secondary to deficiency of yin.
Usage: Appropriate quantity for external use.

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Sweet Wormwood

Sweet Wormwood

Sweet Wormwood Herb is the dried aerial part of Artemisia annua L. (Fam. Compositae). The Drug is collected in autumn on flowering, removed from the older stems, and dried in the shade.

Action: To remove summer-heat, to relieve consumptive fever, and to stop malarial attacks.

Indications: Fever caused by summerheat; afternoon fever in deficiency of yin or in consumptive diseases; malaria with chills and fever; jaundice.

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