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Herbal Malaysia supplier major natural herbal in Malaysia. Herbs and herbal included dry flowers, dry wood, herbal roots, herbal leave, herbal tea and free advice on herbals.

Malaysia Herbal Products

Herbal Malaysia manufacture wide range of natural herbal products such as natural herbal essential oils, natural herbal oils, natural herbal aroma oils, natural herbal water or herbals extract, natural herbal powders and all types of skin or body care products in Malaysia.
We supplier major natural herbal in form of : fresh herbal plants, dry herbal, herbal powder, herbal extract, herbal oil and herbal essential oil. Do not hesitate to contact us for any consultation or read our website for more information.

Safety of Malaysia Herbals

All herbals and herbs are by natural wind drying process without harmful chemicals as preservatives, safe for all skin application and as supplements or herbals medications.
BF1 supply major natural herbal in Malaysia. All natural herbal are selected with best qualities and safe for internal intake or external use.

100% Money Back GuaranteeBF1 Cosmetic GMP Manufacturer Aprroved By National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) for Anti-Bac sanitizer, fragrances, natural herbal products, pure essential oils, body perfumes, skin care, cosmetic and household products.

100% Money Back Guarantee, Not Included Shipping Fee. Terms & Conditions. Important : For scent and product testing, BF1 had provided 10ml or small packing size for customers to perform product tests. BF1 will not refund to those opened or used large packing sizes avoiding contamination of the products.

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Whatsapp +60123590344 ( From 12.00 noon - 12.00 midnight )
a. Own Pick Up at BF1 - Order before 11.00pm Next Day self pick.
b. BF1 Delivery for KL and Selangor only - (1-2days) Order before 11.00pm Next Day send out.
c. Courier By Pgeon Delivery or Pos Laju (3-7 days) - Order before 11.00pm will be courier out Next Day.
Courier Fee : Semenanjung Malaysia = Free Shipping Order Above RM100.00
Semenanjung Malaysia = Below RM100.00 = RM6.00 per 5KG | East Malaysia = RM10.00 per 500g

KKM or NPRA Approval Checking :

Step 1 : https://www.npra.gov.my/index.php/en/consumers/information/products-search.html
Step 2 : Choose Cosmetic
Step 3 : Search By : Manufacturer Name
Step 4 : Search " Best Formula "
Step 5 : Anti-Bac Product On Page 11
All registered Products List Will Show.

Notice : BF1 follows KKM SOP to ensure our Anti-Bac Sanitizer, Disinfectant and all products production will not be contaminated during Covid-19 period. From March 18 2020 to Dec 31 2021, people were not allowed to enter the BF1 Shop in order to reduce staff contact with the public.

BF1 still provides the time to pick up or courier by J&T Express or Pos Laju for all products. Please do not queue outside BF1 office for order, wait for our call to pick up order. Your healthiness and safety is our priority.

BF1 apologizes for any inconvenience.

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