Cape Jasmine Fruit

Cape Jasmine Fruit is the dried ripe fruit of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis (Fam. Rubiaceae).

Action: To reduce fire and ease the mind, to eliminate damp-heat, and to remove heat from blood and counteract toxicity.

Fructus Gardeniae (charred) : To arrest bleeding by removing heat from blood.

Indications: Febrile diseases with restlessness; jaundice with dark urine; hematuria with difficult painful urination; hemoptysis and epistaxis caused by heat in the blood; inflammation of the eye; boils and sores; external use for sprains and bruises.

Fructus Gardeniae (charred) : Hemoptysis, epistaxis, hematuria and abnormal uterine bleeding caused by heat in the blood.

Usage: For external use, appropriate quantity of unprocessed fruit to be ground into powder and applies topically after mixed with a liquid.

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