flowers roses Jepun

Local name: flowers roses Jepun

Scientific name:
Portulaca grandiflora

Other names: flower blossoms evening, ten o’clock flower, moss rose, rose moss, sun plant, japanese rose, flower bracelets

Family: Portulaceae

Location found: Plant decoration

Origin: Plant Tempatan


Ros Jepun is a kind of ornamental plants favored kerana busy and interesting flowers easy custody. there are a variety of colors including ros Jepun pink, bright red, white, yellow, purple and Oren. there are also types that have a mixture of colors such as pink and white.

He is a kind of herbaceous plants that like soil creep and the shaft and bersaliran well. It was easy to breed through the roots and jalaran be propagated through stem keratan.

He will spend a lot of interest if they received full exposure to sunlight. The flowers will blossom fully in the 10-11 o’clock in the morning. green leaves, but will switch to if they received keperangan excessive sunlight.


The leaves may be used to treat minor injuries and was destroyed by ditampal on the injured portion.

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